What exactly is the IMEX program?
How does it differ from other programmes?

IMEX stands for International Medical Educators eXchange. Many schools, including our own, have faculty development programs, teacher courses or teacher coaching tracks. The IMEX program is unique in its international orientation on medical education. As visiting scholars participants will collaborate closely with a small number of colleagues from other countries during an intensive week at one of the host university medical centers.
A completed IMEX program includes minimally three, maximally six site visits to different participating universities.

During the site visits, the participants will learn about or be involved in the local medical curriculum, meet colleagues interested in medical education, discover strengths and challenges of different educational systems and get an overall view of diverse medical educational environments.

During the week, the participants will participate in formal discussions of medical education issues, observe educational activities, pursue an education project in collaboration of IMEX or host institution colleagues, and reflect on their experiences and their relevance to their home institutions. This format is quite different from what can be learned from regular staff development courses, during medical education conferences, and from medical education journals and books about education.