What does a site visit look like?

Each visit lasts for one full week (Sunday to Saturday).
The 'main course' of the site visit includes:

  1. participation in or observation of educational meetings (committee meetings, educational research meetings, educational colloquia, staff meetings),
  2. visit and observation of planned curricular activities in one or more curricular sessions; if possible and if arranged beforehand, visitors could even participate in the teaching,
  3. excursions within and/or outside the medical school,
  4. meetings with students,
  5. discussions of educational issues on 1-to-1 basis with colleagues in similar disciplines from the host school.

On the first day, extensive introductions will set the stage:

On Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday members of the host institution will present and discuss highlights of their medical education programs and current issues in debate at their center. The week may include meet-the-expert sessions where participants will be able to discuss issues with educational experts from the host institution. Many of the activities (group discussions, observations of educational programs) will be done as a group, but others will be tailored to the individual participant's specific needs. Each day will end with a reflective meeting of participants, for exchange of experiences of the day, sharing insights, drawing conclusions, developing further questions to be asked and articulating new learning needs.

The week ends with a results-and-evaluation meeting. This meeting is used to sum up the weeks' activities and assess whether the participants' personal goals have been achieved. Participants will write an action plan for themselves for post visit activities and tasks, and for the next site visit. They will also complete an electronic IMEX-portfolio via the IMEX website, which will allow them to keep track of their own achievements and future plans.