Am I eligible to participate?

The IMEX program is designed for senior faculty members who show a particular interest in education, or who wish to pursue a career in education. Participants must be experienced faculty members from the participating institutions, involved in educational development in their school and must speak English fluently. Participants should be appointed as a teacher in one of the participating institutions. Interested medical teachers from other institutions may be eligible if places are vacant.

We ask for a minimum of five years of experience in teaching, a letter of support from the department head, a CV, and a personal letter describing what the candidate wishes to get out of the program.

The final selection of candidates will be done by the IMEX Board, who will consider the full IMEX application package, the composition of the IMEX group and the date of application. An interview may be part of the candidate's selection.

What is expected of a participant?

All participants must be able to contribute to the success of the visit by active participation in discussions, one or more presentations and a reflective paper on each visit. Registering for IMEX means a commitment to participate in minimally three, maximally five, consecutive site visits, including preparation and follow-up work.

How many participants will there be?

IMEX visits start with groups of minimally 6, maximally 18 participants; one to three participants from each of the six host institutions. If there is room, participants from other institutions will be eligible to attend.