What is the IMEX program going to cost me?

For participants employed within each of the five institutions:

The program includes a minimum of three and a maximum of five site visits, including one visit at the home institution. Depending on number of visits the total costs amount between €3250,- and €6250,-, payable over two to three years, excluding travel costs.

Upon entry of the programme, participants are requested to pay € 500,- extra for an initial registration fee which will be refunded after the third visit.
Payment is per site visit and include 1 week (max 6 nights) accommodation, most meals, a social program and most local IMEX costs, but excludes travel cost.
Local participants will pay for the home visit, this excludes accommodation.

Price level 2019:
- Site visit: € 1550
- Site visit, local: € 260

Price level 2020:
- Site visit: € 1600
- Site visit, local: € 270

Prices go up yearly with € 50,- for extern cq € 10,- for local site visit.