What is the IMEX program going to cost me?

For participants employed within each of the five institutions:

The program includes a minimum of three and a maximum of five site visits, including one visit at the home institution. Depending on number of visits the total costs amount between €3250,- and €6250,-, payable over two to three years, excluding travel costs.

Upon entry of the programme, participants are requested to pay €2000,- (€1500,- for the first site visit, and €500,- initial registration fee which will be refunded after the third visit). Thereafter you pay per site visit.

Each site visit costs €1500,-, and include 1 week (max 6 nights) accommodation, most meals, a social program and most local IMEX costs, but excludes travel cost. Local participants will pay only €250,- for the home visit, this excludes accommodation.

For participants NOT employed within each of the five institutions:

From 2010 on it will be possible for interested medical educators not employed in one of the five IMEX institutions to participate. As all IMEX institutions invest considerable effort into the program, guest participants will be charged an extra fee of €250,- per site visit, resulting in €1750,- per visit.

Specification of costs:

The site visit program fee includes:

Are there any financial support possibilities?

External funding for the IMEX initiative may be found to reduce costs for participants, from school, national organizations or international organizations.
Participants may be personally (partly) subsidized by their own departments or employers.

University Medical Center Utrecht offers foreign participants funding of travel costs to a maximum of €1000 for IMEX visits in Utrecht, and Utrecht staff for IMEX visits in Canada and Stockholm. This offer was meant to hold until 2008, or until the specific fund is fully used. Please inquire whether this possibility still exists. A separate application form must be returned.